Walkbout Accommodation

These Walkbout experiences allow Walkbouts to rent rooms and sometimes an entire home/residence from carefully selected and screened local families who are part of The Walkbout Supplier & Affiliate Community Programme – (SACP). The experience allows for a first hand up close view of real local daily life. You will improve your local language skills and become familiar with the local lifestyle like never before.

This Walkbout experience also allows participating host families to earn an income further developing the economic base of the local communities and families. Depending on the experience booked you may be expected to pay a portion of the activity-related costs, such as tickets, parking, and gas and travel expenses. This is a two way experience as you will also be encouraged to share elements and aspects of your own culture with your host family.


Walkbout Wellness & Lifestyle Experience
Carefully selected homes and properties are marketed as Wellness Focus Residences. Selected Hosts either appreciate and or practice a Wellness & Lifestyle way of life. All meals and the entire operation are centered on wellness and health creating a haven for relaxation.

Depending on the size and location these properties will offer a range of professional wellness and lifestyle services that cater to health conscious Walkbouts seeking to improve mental, physical and spiritual health to enhance the quality of their lives/workplaces. These will either be resident on property or brought in as required by guests.


Walkbout Homestay Experience
This Walkbout experience can range from a complete family experience to a basic room rental in the family home. The goal is to immerse you into the culture and way of life, participating in family activities, including cooking, farming, and daily chores, dining out, going to local places of amusement, and exploring the local and surrounding communities on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or whatever is available.

Barbados house

• The Walkbout Supplier & Affiliate Community Programme – (SACP) is a community which is focused on and encourages micro-entrepreneurship by helping other entrepreneurs who want to follow their own passion to create a connection between locals and Walkbouts. By providing this resource to thousands of micro entrepreneurs in destinations around the world, to list their offerings, we’re building a growing and supportive community for them all in one place. Each micro entrepreneur who lists an activity, tour or a homestay experience on our walkbout.com site is sharing their passion, interests and hobbies and most importantly launching a small business to generate additional income.

Walkbout is the platform for SME business owners and operators, fostering customer loyalty, brand prowess and exceptional experiences.
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