IIPT Announces its Community Tourism Projects & Events Distribution Channel

The Community Tourism Projects & Events Distribution Channel is a clearinghouse for international community tourism projects and events for 2018. The vision is to create a distribution portal, a ‘One Voice’ approach, for marketing community tourism internationally and showcasing its local and global impact.


The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2017 Saturday, October 21

  The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2017 begins on Saturday, October 21 with its annual Pork Palooza event at Hope Gardens. From October 21 to 29 Kingston’s fierce cultural energy comes alive. The country’s commercial HQ cranks up the heat, literally, firing up the grills and setting the cityscape ablaze with anticipation. Experience the … Continue reading The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2017 Saturday, October 21

Join Us For International Walkbout Festival Week December 9th -15th 2020 In Jamaica

Walkbout Welcome Ceremony: Walkbouts representing walkbout countries will become members of the International Walkbout Community at a moving induction ceremony, which is the grand opening of the festival each year and features a slate of International Walkbout Speakers.